The Imperfection Connection

Alright, you guys. I have to admit something to you. Are you ready? Are you sitting? Maybe hold onto something to steady yourself. Ok…here it goes…

I…am not perfect.


Ok. Has everyone’s shock subsided yet?

But…really. I’m not perfect. No one is perfect. And the ones I’m closest to are the ones who can admit that.

I often say that we don’t connect through our perfections, but rather through our imperfections.

And I CRAVE connection.

More importantly?

I TRUST connection. I FEAR attempted perfection.

Why is that? Easy…

Since we all know that perfection isn’t possible…CONSTANT positivity isn’t possible…those who attempt to maintain either are eventually going to blow. I’d rather they not blow up on me. I’ve been the dark secret of a “perfect” and “positively positive and cute” person. I’ve been the emotional punching bag for who they really were. I’ve watched them eventually blow up when they feel they’ve been wronged. And I’ve watched the devastation they left behind with those that weren’t at least lucky enough to already know the truth.

So, while I will always try to find silver linings (for myself and others) I will never pretend a life of perfection. And I will shy away in fear of those who do.

So, here is my promise to you.

On the days that you feel like you’re breaking, I will be there to hold your hand…if you reach out with your imperfection.

On the days when you fear you can’t live up to the world’s expectations, I will show you how you far exceed them…if you reach out with your imperfection.

On the days that you feel ugly and unloved, I will show you how you are all that us beautiful and beloved in this world…if you reach out with your imperfection.

I promise that I will be there to hold you up and support you and love you…if you promise to allow the imperfection connection.

And…I promise…I’m never gonna give you up…never gonnq let you down…never gonna run around and desert you… (Hi, Robyn, I know you’re reading this…enjoy the Rick Roll.)

Published by jazzhandsmom06

I'm just a girl in the world...that's all that you'll let me be.

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