The Good

This blog brought to you by my absolute hatred of Jim Carrey. Weird, huh? There’s a point. So, I got to the gym this morning knowing that all I can really do today is walk on the treadmill. I accidentally ran 18.2 miles yesterday (#whoopsie) so anything else would have been dumb. ANYWAYS, I gotContinue reading “The Good”

The Willow

I will never forget the day that someone looked at me…as I was playing with my camera…and said, “You know…they say you can really tell what someone loves in life by what they take pictures of. Some people take a lot of pictures of people. And then there’s you…and trees.” 😆 Touche. I deserved that.Continue reading “The Willow”

Positive Ghost Pains

Life lessons…They can hurt. Actually, they usually do. And we all accept that, but….yet…we all also eventually wonder why they still hurt after the lesson has been learned. Here’s why…and why it’s a good thing. A friend and I were talking yesterday. She was telling me about the first time she found REAL adult friendships.Continue reading “Positive Ghost Pains”

It’s Ok

We all have them…those days when you wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”. I’m having one today, so this message is for me as much as it’s for you. IT’S OK. It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to be scared. It’s ok to feel temporary. It’s ok to feel different. It’s ok to feel lacking.Continue reading “It’s Ok”

When We’re Silenced

Preface: This blog is a whole hodgepodge of thoughts regarding faith, our gifts, my voice, etc. Sorry if its erratic. I have been asked many, many times how my faith has never wavered no matter what life threw my way. I have been asked how I can possibly believe SO STRONGLY that there is aContinue reading “When We’re Silenced”

Oh, Deer…

LSS: Trauma anxiety spirals are a bitch. But a random deer probably saved my day today. How? Read on This…was not the blog I was writing earlier. But, mid-walking-blogging…a deer crossed my path. He didn’t see me and run. He didn’t let his flight instincts force him from his chosen path. He looked at me…leanedContinue reading “Oh, Deer…”


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