Who Even *IS* This Jazz Hands Mom?

You’re probably wondering…”Who is this lady? What’s with the jazz hands? Why in the world should I want to read anything she has to say??” Oh….wait…you’re not? Well, let’s pretend you are.

Hi, I’m Sheri. And if there were one word to describe me, it would probably be, “SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!”

My brain goes all over the place. Sometimes I’m serious. Sometimes I’m thoughtful. Sometimes (usually) I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy. Sometimes…yes…I like to do True To Life Dramatic Reenactments for my friends that end in “/scene *jazz hands*”. And that’s how the name came about.

So. What are you going to read here? WHO KNOWS?!?! One day it could be random thoughts that make me laugh. The next day you might see a post about how I think the world can be a better place. You may see stories of my teenage daughter (she’s HILARIOUS) or you may get a deeper insight into how I think.

I’m a single mom, an accountant, a fitness enthusiast, a runner, a college student, and a lover of all of things psychology related. The world is my oyster…and now so is yours.

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