Like a BOLT of Lightning

Mommy’s Boy

I have been pretty much obnoxious about my new puppy this week.

Which is borderline hilarious because I’ve really never been a huge dog person…and I had ZERO intention of getting a puppy.

But…here we are…

See.. what had happened was…

I went for a run…didn’t even make it a half mile…when suddenly…I GET ATTACKED BY A PILE OF CUTENESS!!

See…Pile of cuteness…

So I giggle and play with the puppies and start back on my way. But the pile of cuteness kept coming…

I’m like The Puppy Pied Piper!!

They chased for a little ways and then they turned around and went back to where I found them. Well…most of them did…but not this little guy…

THIS little guy, apparently decided that I looked like I needed him. So…he followed me…and he followed me more…

He followed me for 2 whole miles…and then he was tuckered out.

Hey…lady…my legs are tired!!

Well, I mean…I couldn’t just LEAVE him there…2 miles from where we started…So, I HAD to carry him home!!

And how could I ever let him go???

And that’s how Bolt adopted me…

But here’s the thing…Bolt didn’t just adopt me…Bolt didn’t just BOLT away from his family to be with me…

Like a BOLT of lightning in a pop-up storm…Bolt showed up when I needed him most.

I didn’t adopt him. He adopted me.

I didn’t rescue him. He rescued me.

When I have spent this year in survival mode…day by day…just trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other…

Suddenly I’m happy…not fake it til you make it…but HAPPY and excited for each day…and Bolt gave me something to truly laugh about and love about life again.

And I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bolt was sent to that spot like a tiny tail wagging angel to meet me at the moment that I needed him most.

To rescue me.

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