So. Awhile back I wrote a blog that mentioned…*cough*…quite forcibly…how much I hate Jim Carrey. To paraphrase a character I love, ““Dear Jim, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re scum between my toes! Love, Sheri.” Now. Those are strong words. I admit it. Which made a blog friend question…”WHAT?! NO!! YOU’REContinue reading “WHY I HATE JIM CARREY. AN ESSAY – BY SHERI”

Please Don’t Feed The Negativity Monster

Say hello to my leetle friend, The Negativity Monster Actually he’s not so little. He’s pretty big and…if you’re being honest with yourself…you’ll probably have to admit that you have the same friend. This friend…he takes all of our negative feelings and expands them. Every time we get mad…anxious…scared…sad….every time we feel anything negative andContinue reading “Please Don’t Feed The Negativity Monster”

Respect…The Missing Ingredient

I rarely use my blog to brag on my boyfriend but something happened this weekend, that honestly was SO fundamentally different from what I’ve experienced in life, that it has stayed in my mind since then. To him…it was probably nothing. It’s just who he is. To me…it was…what I’ve always looked for without evenContinue reading “Respect…The Missing Ingredient”