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A Very Jazzy Epiphany

So. Bella and I had counseling today. During said counseling, Bella and I both talked a bit about our shared issue of…honestly…pushing people away because we expect them to leave anyway. Bella does this by making sure they think she’s a bitch before they can decide she’s one on her own. I do this byContinue reading “A Very Jazzy Epiphany”

My Deathiversary

33 years ago today, I basically died. 🤷‍♀️ It sounds dramatic, but it’s a huge step that I can say that now. For YEARS people tried telling me I have PTSD. I would argue vociferously. “You have to have been afraid you were going to die.” It took the executive director of a missing children’sContinue reading “My Deathiversary”

The Beauty at Rock Bottom

Today’s Epiphany: Rock Bottom is actually beautiful and filled with unexpected blessings. What brought this on? Well, I’ll tell you. My heart has been in really bad shape again for a couple of weeks. This morning I had a bit of a meltdown. I admitted to one of my closest friends that I’m afraid. OfContinue reading “The Beauty at Rock Bottom”

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