How About THIS Attitude?

This kid…

Y’all. I can’t. This kid of mine.

Right now I am sitting in a hotel room waiting to go back to Mayo tomorrow. I should be freaking out…and I’ve had my moments…but, for the most part…this kid has had me cracking the hell up all day.

Turning a sassy moment of “Oh well…” at one of my requests to, “No…I said enchante, mademoiselle…”

Asking, “What can I do for you to get this hoodie I want?!?! I’m not getting it, am I?” “Not with that attitude…” “Well I’ve tried every attitude in the book!!!”

Repeating every Instagram post another teenager makes with a mocking, “Hashtag, save the turtles!!”

Telling me it’s so cringy that she used to love Taylor Swift…as she then turns on Taymor Swift for an hour….

Lamenting for an hour that her face is assymetrical and how it’s all my fault…

A million little things. A million random thoughts. A million laughs given to me by this one maniac in the last 15 years. All add up to one reason that I’ll willingly keep going through all this heart stuff…

So that I can be blessed with a million more moments as the mother of this child of mine.

And, as she reads this, I will be ordering that dang hoodie. Because little does she know that all I need from her is to have her know that she is my everything. Even with THIS attitude. And she makes my world a world worth fighting for.

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I'm just a girl in the world...that's all that you'll let me be.

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