Holy Shit, I’m a Nokia!!!!

The resemblance is uncanny, right?!?

Blog Preface: If you’re wondering why I’m comparing myself to a cell phone, go back one blog.

Blog Preface Part Duh: I have the cardiologist’s permission to do these things. Carefully. So no yelling at the cell phone.

Today I did my first “long” run for a new half marathon training program. The first time that I have set realistic goals for finishing a race with a faulty power source.

So…I did my little 10 minute warmup of walking. Then 2 miles of run/walk (as per good ol’ Coach Jeff’s instructions)…which was an entirely humbling experience. Where I used to knock out 2 miles EASILY in under 18 minutes…today…not so much. Instead it was approximately 24 minutes…where I watched my heart rate instead of my time…and tried to stay off the 🎵Highway to the danger zone🎵…

It was a little painful to see my time…but I did it.

And then during cool down, I started to think.

Sheri v8.8. We talked about this. Reinventing myself. Upgrading my features. Streamlining my capabilities. Finding my target market who will feel lucky to own the cell phone that is me…

Sheri v8.8 is still a little hung up on losing some of her old features.

Sheri v8.8 looks at 12 minute miles and thinks, “No one is going to be impressed with my performance and speed. Watch out Best Buy, here come the returns…”.

But then I started thinking. Last year I did things that I never thought would be possible. Even in all my stubborn glory, NEVER thought possible. I ran more half marathons than I can count. I ran one of them with bleach poisoning and still had my record time of just minutes over 2 hours. I medaled in my age range in a 5k. I made full grown, fit men consider me a real competitor …someone to keep up with (mileage wise, not speed. Lol).

Sheri v8.8 can’t do those things.

But Sheri v7.9…she’d be over the moon to know that any version of Sheri got to do those things even once. I did things other people may never do. I did them well. And it’s ok that I can’t do them now.

So…as I was thinking all of these things…I was thinking more on the cell phone analogy.

I’m a little like an Android…in that if you trust me too much I’ll wind up saying the wrong thing because my autocorrect ducking sucks…but NO version of me has ever (literally) caught fire. I’m a little bit like an iPhone….in that my internal Siri thinks you want my input even when you really never asked for it…but I won’t shatter just because you looked at me wrong.. But, mostly…

I’m A LOT like a Nokia. You can drop me. You can shake me. You can put me in the back of the closet for 5 years and forget I exist (but please don’t). You can probably even toss me in the toilet and flush (…also, please don’t…).

I’m still going to work.

I will not break.

I will still fit in your pocket and make it look like you’re happy to see the world.

I mean…ummmmmm…

Yup. I’m a Nokia and proud of it.

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