Sheri v8.8 Available

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I do my best thinking when I’m walking or running. Today was no different. Today’s mental topic: Finding a new normal.

So…here’s the basis of the conclusion I came to:

If recreating yourself was a sport, I’d have the Olympic Gold. I am AMAZING at reinventing myself.

10 years old, world crashes. Time to make a new Sheri.

20 years old, more family crap, need to start over. Sheri 3.0 is born.

22 years old…Lyme Disease crashes world…that’s ok, just a bug (pun intended)…Sheri 3.5 released!

24 years old, get married. New, improved Married Sheri v4.1.

27. Sheri 4.4, with new Momming functionality.

31. Sheri 5.1. Now upgraded to function without former app support.

38. Uhoh. Our current version of Sheri caught on fire…let’s make a few adjustments and…Sheri 6.1. Done.

Like I said. I’m damned good at this. Every time a new version or Sheri is released it is better than the last.

Sheri 8.0 was my favorite iteration so far. I didn’t think any other upgrades would be necessary, but…as the world changes so do necessary specifications…and bugs will happen.

So, Sheri 8.0s power source started to fail. Electrical issues caused malfunctions and previously possible capabilities became unusable.

First instinct: Throw it away. It’s a pile of crap. It’ll never work right again. Just tell everyone to switch brands. Sheri is done.

Reality: Sheri v8.8 is now available for download. With increased knowledge capabilities, self learning adjustments, and a revised power block. Sheri v8.8 still comes with the signature “That’s What She Said” app built in, the “I Won’t Give Up” native language and a whole bunch of other bells and whistles that make her sound less technologically challenged than she really is. Sheri v8.8 can still pull all of this out of her (rather epic) ass and be the best in the market in new ways that no one ever expected.

Some consumers may find Sheri v8.8 to be a little slower and clunkier. Some may find her to be a little less than they wish for…they may choose to find a new brand..

But for those who stick with the Sheri brand…they are going to find that Sheri v8.8 is only an improvement and is capable of more than even the company knows is possible.

So…who’s in to Beta test? Because I think I’m going to be pretty proud of this new version.

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