And, Just Like That, I’m The (Least Grown Up Ever) Adult…

Hi, my name is Sheri…and I’m “Way too excited about my new toilets” years old.

*sigh* When did this happen??

This morning, as I sat there excitedly looking at my beautiful brand new toilets that one of my best friends and her husband installed yesterday…as I sat there thinking, “None of them are broken or leaking!! They’re all so clean!! Look at those top buttons!! No more broken flushing handles for us!!”…it hit me. Holy shit. I’m an adult.

Don’t get me wrong. Like most of you I don’t FEEL like an adult.

I still don’t want to clean my room. I still make boob jokes like a 12 year old boy (*cough* I may actually be giggling before the 12 year old boy…). I still have days where I want ice cream for dinner. And…I have to admit this…

Sometimes I still relish people telling me how to do things better, because I have no flipping IDEA how to successfully navigate some of this grownup stuff.

And, yet…it snuck up on me.

I used to get excited about going to the bar with my friends. Now I get excited about eating nachos alone in bed to unwind from a long week.

I used to get excited about traveling everywhere I could! Now…hold on…let me check mine and Bella’s schedule. Maybe that Saturday…no…tax season…how about Sunday 4 weeks from now?

I used to think parents knew nothing…now I find myself yelling, “Because I’m the parent! That’s why!!” at my teenager way more than I’m comfortable with.

I’m “Yay!!! Someone else cleans my trash can!!” years old.

I’m “I wonder if I can just get the groceries delivered this time” years old.

I’m, “I need to be up at 3 am to get everything done” years old.

BUT…because I still fully believe that you are only as old as you let yourself be…

I’m also “Forget chores today! We’re going on an adventure!” years old.

I’m also “Let’s go get our pictures taken with Santa!” years old.

I’m “Oooh!! I wonder if I can talk my friends into an animal onesie party for my birthday!” years old. (Spoiler alert. I can. 😁)

I will always be “That’s what she said” years old.

But…I am also still “Way too excited about my new toilets” years old.

So…how old are you?

I love my friends ❤

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I'm just a girl in the world...that's all that you'll let me be.

One thought on “And, Just Like That, I’m The (Least Grown Up Ever) Adult…

  1. Literally LMAO at the toilet thing (no pun intended). Unfortunately, I’m “Well, I ^used* to be able to do this” old most of the time.The days when I’m “look what *I* did” old make up for it, though. Thanks for the giggle.


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