Dude…Zuckerberg…For Real?

So…yesterday I wrote a blog…because that’s what I do. I was rather proud of this particular blog, “An Ode to Online Dating” because it rhymed and it made me giggle.

I mean, really, how can you go wrong with lines like, “I was ready to give it a shot/ I was ready to try my luck/ But then I got the messages…/ That make you say “What the fuck?”

Anyone who’s ever tried online dating KNOWS THESE FEELS!!

So, today…being a bored blogger…I decided to take a few dollars and boost that post.

But, alas and anon…Zuckerberg’s algorithm said, “Nein! No boosting for you!!!” (In my mind the algorithm is like a computerized Nazi…)

Why, you may ask?

Was it because I swore? Nope.

Was it because it’s bad poetry? AS IF!!

Was it because I’m not funny? Seriously…no.

It was because the url doesn’t match that of an online dating site.


It’s NOT an online dating site. It’s MAKING FUN of online dating sites.

But Heir Algorithm out there is apparently die analphabetin. Which is German for illiterate.

The more you know.

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