Christianity and Karaoke


I’ll flat out say it. Christianity and Karaoke are the same. There. Are you mad? Are you confused? Are you intrigued? Good.

Yesterday a man walked into church. He had an afro that a 70s movie character would have been proud of. His clothes were purposely shredded. His earring dangled wildly from his ear, as did the extra shirts tied to his waist. He sat in the front row and he yelled in agreement. He danced when the worship team sang. Moves that would have made my old cheerleaders jealous. He. Was. On. Fire.

So, of course…we slyly looked at each other and giggled. We tried not to watch, but we couldn’t look away. We tried not to judge, but we judged ourselves to be better.

We weren’t. None of us are.

As my favorite religious quote states, “Church is not a museum for saints, it’s a hospital for sinners.”

Every. Single. One. Of. Us. There. Is. A. Sinner.

We’re just too afraid to show ourselves as bravely and vulnerably as that man.

In this way…Church and Karaoke are one and the same.

I remember, a long time ago, my dad told me he didn’t want to sing at Karaoke, “because people like you are actually good.” I told him, “I’m professionally trained. That’s not fair. Karaoke isn’t meant for people who can sing perfectly, it’s meant for people who love to sing no matter how badly they carry a tune.”

There’s the truth. How many love going to karaoke but are never brave enough to get on stage? How many go and laugh at others, as though they are better because they hide their lack of talent…their lack of confidence? How many go and think, “Look at that idiot.” without ever thinking, “How brave are you to stand there…in all your glory…in all your imperfection…and share your love of the power of music?”?

How many of us walk into a church? Sit there quietly and meekly….sit there saying our appropriate amens and singing our hymns? How many of us are afraid to stand up in all of our imperfect glory and revel PROUDLY in our love of the power of God?

I’m ashamed that I judged, even for a moment, someone who could proudly be himself in a way that I sometimes fear to be. I’m ashamed that I can’t let go in the way that he could.

Was he a sinner? Probably. Am I? Definitely.

Which is why we both belong in that hospital for sinners.

Why we ALL belong. The question is…are we willing to pick up the mic and sing?

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One thought on “Christianity and Karaoke

  1. An old friend used to have a comment when someone would say something that hits close to home. He’d say “you’ve left preaching and gone to meddling,” and I feel a bit like that saying applies here. You’ve done that thing where you make me laugh and then you say something super convicting.

    Also, assuming it’s your work, that “mic drop Jesus” photoshopping job is absolutely top notch. 😂

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