Please Don’t Feed The Negativity Monster

Say hello to my leetle friend, The Negativity Monster Actually he’s not so little. He’s pretty big and…if you’re being honest with yourself…you’ll probably have to admit that you have the same friend.

This friend…he takes all of our negative feelings and expands them. Every time we get mad…anxious…scared…sad….every time we feel anything negative and we let it consume our thoughts, we feed him.

I’m not telling you to stop doing that.

1. It’s not actually possible.

2. If you try, it’s fake. (Do we need to have the sugar coated shit conversation again?)

3. It is illegal in most states to purposely starve your friends. True story.

But…consider this friend…this totally normal little monster…as you would your toddler.

Every. Fucking. Time. They go to their grandparent’s house they eat.

Do they need to? No.

Have you been starving them? No.

Did you feed them before you went over there? Probably.

Are they hungry? Nope.

Are they going to get fed a ton of crap…come home as little shits who won’t listen…and probably destroy something important? Possibly…

Your Negativity Monster is the same.

Look. You’re going to feed him. It’s part of life. But you really don’t need your pain in the ass in laws feeding him after you do.


Add to that…They’re giving them so many snacks that, when you give them their normal meal, it’s your healthy normal portion that winds up causing them to do the, “I just frowed up…”.

Negativity vomit everywhere!! Anger outbursts!! Public crying jags!! Panic attacks that make everyone think you’ve lost your damn mind!

The monster ate too much and frowed up.

So…let’s all agree to not allowing unnecessary negativity and gossip treats from well meaning friends and family.

Be there for them for THEIR stuff. But watch your daily capacity.

“Do you want to hear what she said about you?” Nope.

“Oh my God, you’re never going to believe…” You’re right. Probably won’t.

“So, I heard something the other day…” Cool! Glad your hearing is working!

“Let’s talk shit!” Or…you know…Let’s not.

Every little bit of gossip. Every little bit of jabs and punches and needless negativity…it all combines.

So yeah…don’t feed my negativity monster. I feed him quite enough by myself.

Also…I can’t speak for anyone else, but every time this stuff starts up, I start researching self help books for HOW TO NOT BE AN UNLOVABLE PIECE OF SHIT…because, apparently, my negativity monster has a real taste for letting me hate myself.

Stop it. Stop it now.

Published by jazzhandsmom06

I'm just a girl in the world...that's all that you'll let me be.

3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Feed The Negativity Monster

    1. Hiya! And thank you!! I’m a tax accountant. Work days have been getting longer and longer and, unless I wanted to blog about taxpayers, topics were less copious. 😆 But this one definitely needed to get out.


      1. See, I thought you were off getting your heart right with Jesus on the whole Jim Carrey topic, but now I see you’ve got a new post I need to go read, that I’m sure will be awesome (though likely wrong about Jim Carrey).

        I can’t imagine dealing with the US tax code on any regular basis. However, my experience has taught me that a good accountant is like a good lawyer: smarter than you, better than you, and worth whatever they charge you.

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