Please Speak

The past couple of days we hear ALLLLLLL the opinions. Or do we?

We hear those loudly proclaiming their hurt and anger at decisions made.

We hear those crowing with glee at a war they feel they “won”.

We hear both “sides” loud and clear.

Or do we?

I am here to share the opinion that we do not.

A true fact of the world is this: The loudest voices are rarely the voice of the majority. The loudest voices are merely the voices at the far ends of the spectrums. The loudest voices are..Sadly…the least tolerant.

The majority…are in the middle of the road and they have been silenced.

The majority are:

– The voices of those who choose love and kindness.

– The voices of those who can see both sides with equal compassion.

– The voices of those who hurt for everyone who hurts, no matter what “side” they are on.

The majority are those who have something to say, but know you don’t want to hear it because it is not extreme enough.

The majority are those who have been taught, “Don’t speak. No one cares.”

It’s for those that I speak now.

For the mother who lost her child and can’t imagine making the willing choice to do so, but does not condemn another for the choices they must make, I see you.

For the woman who made a choice that pains her every day and who cries now at the voices of censure all around her. I hear your tears.

For the woman who was raped and could not go through with it, and now feels hated and judged, I stand with you.

For the man who wasn’t given a choice because the body was not his, I can only imagine your pain and am ready to hear you when you speak.

For the Christians who believe in love and kindness over judgment, yet see their every belief maligned before their eyes…I feel your pain.

For those who want to say, “I don’t have the answers, but I have love.” You are my people.

For those who tremulously speak their middle of the road truths, but who are BRUTALLY SILENCED by those on the extreme sides of this…I ask you…

Please speak.

Please, let us show the world that the majority DOES care but that we do it with love.

Let us show the world that it’s ok to say, “I can’t speak for you, but my heart is of the many.”

Let us show the world that we care for the individual, regardless of the beliefs that THEIR lives have given them.

Stand with me to say: I am not the same religion as you. But that doesn’t make mine or yours wrong. My life doesn’t look like yours. But that doesn’t make mine or yours wrong. My choices have not been the same as yours. But that doesn’t make mine or yours wrong.

Please speak YOUR truth and show the world that the majority choose kindness and compassion.

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH that the extreme is not the majority.

Here are my truths:

I am Christian and believe that Christ put me here to love you, no matter what, and leave the judgment to He who is not of this Earth.

I am a mother who can not imagine ever having to make a choice to not be, but who understands the many reasons others might.

I am a friend who will stand by your side as you make decisions that I do not have to face.

I am a heart that breaks for you as you see others make choices that you regret or cannot find moral validity in, even as you love others who do.

I am a fellow traveler of life who has wandered many roads you will never see, but knows that you could say the same.

I am a person who will love and support you whether we agree or not…so long as you share your message with love and without censure of a life you have not lived.

I am very Pro Choice in the fact that I believe that I don’t walk in your shoes…I don’t know everything…I am not the Lord that I follow…and, quite honestly, I feel NO government has the right to choose for you (Federal or State) because the government constantly oversteps.

I am the person who thinks this never should have been political decision BY EITHER SIDE, but a personal one BY EACH INDIVIDUAL.

That is my quiet, middle of the road, truth.

It does not IN ANY WAY mean that I do not care. It does not IN ANY WAY mean that my beliefs are not strong.

It means that, above all, I choose love.

That is my truth.

Please speak yours.

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11 thoughts on “Please Speak

  1. This is sooo beautiful and elegant. I wish THIS post was all over the internet rather than people gloating, judging or fighting. This post is the one that needs to go viral, truly. As a fellow Christian and “middle of the roader” I love and support this post and will proudly re-blog this on my own site, hoping my “followers” will read it and maybe re-share it, too.

    Bravo, my love!!!

    This is exceptional and something I truly believe our Lord would smile about.

    Sending you lots of love ❤️ xx

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    1. I just came back to this comment to tell you, TRULY, thank you. When I wrote this blog yesterday, I posted it to my own Facebook page. I then, fairly quickly, deleted it. I, myself, fell into the trap of, “Don’t speak. No one cares.” I fell into the trap of fearing that my Christian middle of the road voice was going to offend the more extreme focused people I love. I…literally…wrote a blog asking the middle ground to speak…and then I didn’t. So, now, I’ll repost it and stand firm in my middle ground beliefs. Thank you for reminding me why I do this. ❤️

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      1. Sooo proud of you!!! I understand the deleting, though. I do the same when I post something controversial because I worry I’ll offend someone and moreso that someone will “come at me” for voicing something they won’t agree with. You don’t have to repost it but I definitely think your post is a shining light in these dark times and I hope sooo many see this because it’s a blessing ✨️

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    1. Elena, every time I speak of open communication, I think of you. I remember the time that I (anti Trump) merely ASKED my friends who were Pro-Trump to tell me why. No fighting was allowed. No hatred. No animosity. I wanted to know what it was that made some of my friends, who I loved VERY much, have such different views than me. You spoke. You explained about how illegal border crossing PERSONALLY affected your life and your ranch. You painted a perfect picture of WHY you could feel so differently than me. I walked away from that conversation with a further conviction that my friends don’t have to believe the same as I do to be good people…because they walk in different shoes and live a different life with different circumstances. You are one of the most loving people I’ve ever known…and you were able to show me a solid reason that, although I still couldn’t agree, I could understand. So, thank YOU for being a person that helps me stand firm in my belief that it’s ok to disagree if we do it with love and compassion and a search for understanding. ❤


  2. I was hoping you’d write on this topic, and, as I suspected, you said things amazingly well.

    I spent a few years as an elected official (county level in Georgia), and one of the skills I had to learn while in office was how to listen and hear at the same time. I knew what I believed and why, but I wasn’t very good at understanding alternative points of view. And when you’ve got 40,000 constituents, you really ought to be able to hear voices other than your own.

    What I found was that by hearing the “why” in the opinions of others, I could understand their point of view. Sometimes it helped sway me; other times it just helped me understand where they were coming from. But it always helped me.

    The political divisiveness in our country is not good for anyone. This inability (unwillingness) to understand the point of view from someone with a different opinion is incredibly awful. It has led to the instant demonization of anyone who doesn’t agree with us. Friday’s Twitter feed was a perfect example of how we shouldn’t ever behave. (I don’t do Facebook, but I’m sure it was equally awful.)

    We need more people willing to stand up and say things like “we disagree, but that’s ok” and “I respect your opinion even though I disagree with it” and other nice things. Thanks for being one of those people.

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  3. Understanding will definitely lead to compassion, but one of the amazing things I found out was that when furious people feel like they’ve been heard on an issue, they calm down significantly. All I had to do was make sure people were heard and understood, and then they wouldn’t (usually) come looking for me with torches and pitchforks. It was a great lesson to learn. Also, it’s fun not being hunted by an angry mob…

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  4. I love your post! I’m in the middle of the road too — pro choice in some situations but not all. I think we’re the majority for sure. And I definitely approach this topic with love in my heart and what I see on the news is devastating to me.

    The US was envisioned as 50 experiments in government, all groping around trying to find the best way to govern ourselves. This ruling is returning power to states. I am almost always in favor of returning power to states. So, I’m pro-choice and wildly in favor of the ruling. I actually think that increased states’ rights is the more important issue. But almost no one is even talking about that. Makes me feel like I must be stupid but I know I’m not.

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    1. @Elaine – I agree with you on the issue of returning it to the states and definitely wish more people were talking about that aspect of it. I have my opinion about what the states should do, but legally, inside the framework of our government, I think it should be an issue for the states to handle.


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