Lessons I Wish I’d Learned In High School

OK, to be fair, they were…I just wasn’t ready to listen.

Hindsight is a 5th of liquor…I mean 20/20. Yeah. Math. 😉 (Kidding. We all know how much I love math.)

But, seriously, we all have these things…lessons we learned through life that would have made life SO. MUCH. LESS. PAINFUL. if we’d just accepted them earlier in life. (The same things we try to force down our kids’ throats…but they won’t learn before they’re ready either).

So. Lessons I’ve finally started to accept…that I wish I’d learned in High School. Tell me yours?

1. The Asshole – Boo, hear me…if you have ever had the urge or cause to say, “Yeah…he’s kind of an asshole sometimes, but never to me…”…GIRL. YOU. ARE. NEXT. RUN. Seriously, NO ONE is something to everyone except you. They might love or like you enough to hold it in for a bit, but when the shine wears off…you’re left with an asshole.

2. Your Gut – Your gut is the best friend you’ll ever have. Sometimes your gut will tell you to run when no one else sees a reason to. Two things could be at play here. First, not everyone has learned to hear their gut. Second, and more importantly, sometimes your gut isn’t telling you that someone is bad, in general, just bad for YOU. It’s still important to listen. Which brings me to…

3. Protect Yourself- If you don’t protect yourself, no one will. It’s not their job. It’s yours. And if anyone gets angry with you for protecting yourself…

4. Those Are Not Your People – Not everyone is meant to be YOUR people. The ones who are will root for you every step of the way, even if they don’t understand…if they can see that it’s good for you…it’s good for them.

5. Look For Your Sideline Squad – Most likely, that’s where your people are. Those who are loudest and most in your face rarely have sticking power. Those who are quietly waiting to see us succeed…Well, to put it in cheer terms…Comp Squads may win gold, but it’s the ones who keep cheering for you when you’re losing that are your lifelong people.

6. What Is Meant For You Can’t Be Stolen – This is the one that was the hardest learn for me. How many times…in high school…in friemdships…in relationships…have we felt like someone stole what was ours? She stole my friends. She got my spot. She took my guy. No. Friends don’t leave. Love doesn’t stray. And anything so easily taken wasn’t supposed to be yours.

7. What IS Meant For You Is Still Waiting – Are you brave enough to let go of the comfortable and go find it?

8. Breathe. It’s all going to be ok in the end. If it isn’t okay, it isn’t the end.

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2 thoughts on “Lessons I Wish I’d Learned In High School

  1. Yass, woman!!! Absolutely. All this advice is sooo good!!! As you say, though – had I read this 20 or 30 years earlier, I wouldn’t have heeded it. That’s why hindsight (and Math) is such a bastard, it only helps AFTER the mistakes are made. Lol.

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  2. These are really good. I’ve spent the last 5ish years figuring out numbers 4-7, and I certainly wish I had a time machine to be able go back and tell 2016 me some of this stuff. Alas, my flux capacitor is broken…

    Also, #8 reminds me of a song from one of my favorite musicians. Go check out “Fool’s Gold” by Sandra McCracken when you get a chance. I’m not sure where your music preferences lie, but this is a great song.

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