Soooo…I Did A Thing…

So, obviously…as I mentioned the other day…I’m in a PTSD spiral…and have come to realize there are still things from my past that I need to address.

So…I haven’t been able to connect with my therapist lately…I sent my psychiatrist an email this morning. I told him how I really feel and I asked him if he could give me a recommendation for a new therapist…one who specializes in complex trauma.

He responded and told me that he’s REALLY proud of me for recognizing what’s happening and seeking help…and that most people wouldn’t. So, that part was nice. lol

The one person he could recommend hasn’t gotten back to me. But I did reach out to this TalkSpace thing that I have available to me through work. Therapists that you can see virtually and even have email correspondence. I signed up…I got paired to a therapist…their intake form asked about my trauma and what has been happening recently to set it off…

Y’all…I WROTE. And WROTE. And WROTE. It wasn’t even until I was mid-explaining the last 7 months that I realized how fully triggered I’ve been and how much I’ve really been trying to handle.

And now…all I can picture is this therapist getting this message and her jaw dropping wider and wider…(which will actually be a nice change from actually having to WATCH that happen whenever I try a new therapist in person…lol).

Sooooo…either the men in the white coats are going to be knocking on my door soon or I’m actually going to get to talk to someone.

Wish me luck…

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