Dear Zuck, Not Sorry

Dear Zuck,

If you’re reading this, my sentence is up and I have been released. However, I still have things to say. Mostly…

Not Sorry.

Not even a little bit.

See, you put me in jail for two crimes:

1. Being absolutely fucking hilarious. It’s true. There are many areas of life where I fall short. Being funny isn’t one of them. 🤷‍♀️ So…when my hair gets caught in a curling iron, because one area I fall short in is Girling, and I say it sucked my hair up like a French whore…that is not hate speech…that is funny as shit at my own expense. PS My curling iron is not, in fact, a French whore. (But it is a whore.)

Exhibit 1

2. Being a rabidly loyal friend. I won’t post a screenshot of this one, to protect the innocent, but suffice it to say…if someone hurts one of my people…and I say I’m going to kill him…That is NOT inciting violence. That is BEING violent, but not inciting violence because I didn’t ask anyone to help me. (Get your terms straight.) And I will never be sorry for protecting the people I love.

But, go ahead and send me to jail for being hilarious…while letting guys message women on your apps with unrequested pictures of their junk. Send me to prison for being loyal and protective…while people start wars of hatred on your platform daily.

Just know, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again soon, because, in the case of Sheri vs Zuck…

🎵He had it comin’…🎵


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