Happy National Pizza Day!!

You guys…I love birthdays. Not just my own, but birthdays in general. We live in this world where we’re trained to put ourselves last. But…

Birthdays are the one day a year where we should be truly celebrating our own existence.

So, I have always LOVED birthdays. I make a huge deal out of them and think everyone else should, too. And if I find out you don’t love birthdays because they haven’t been a big deal before? Watch out! I will be making a HUGE deal out of your existence!!

But…about 5 years ago my own birthday lost some of it’s shine. I was honestly in a bad relationship…and he just didn’t think my birthday mattered. And I was stupid back then and let it not matter. 🤷‍♀️

That was the year that I discovered that my birthday is ALSO National Pizza Day! So…I told everyone…my birthday was canceled, but we were celebrating National Pizza Day. People sent me Pizza Day cards. Lol It was a way for me to make light of the fact that I was hurt…and it worked.

Over the next few years, it started to seem like my birthday had been jinxed somehow. Something bad always seemed to happen around my birthday…so…out would come National Pizza Day!! In my very Sheri way, it made things better. I dropped the expectation of my birthday being a big thing and was simply happy with pizza. 😁

I tried to do that again this year. As of yesterday, I canceled my birthday…and told everyone we were celebrating National Pizza Day!!! But you know what?

No one wanted to celebrate National Pizza Day. They wanted to celebrate me.

My best friend in Tallahassee sent me the COOLEST umbrella you’ve ever seen so that I’d have a reason to smile when it rains. My local best friends spoiled me with gifts and goodies for days. They all showed up to work out with me for National Pizza Day…with balloons and gifts galore. They yelled happy birthday whether I wanted to hear it or not! At work a cake showed up from one of my best friends and exploded! And they made it clear that their world is better for knowing me.

And then…they went out for pizza with me, because National Pizza Day has still become a thing for me.

That’s love. When people let you be you…but won’t let you disappear…and WANT to celebrate the very fact that you exist.

So…Happy National Pizza Day to all of my friends. As CHEESY as this is, I hope your CRUSTy old hearts can handle the love and PEPperoni in my step on this beautiful day devoted to our favorite carbs. 😉😁

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I'm just a girl in the world...that's all that you'll let me be.

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