The Good

This blog brought to you by my absolute hatred of Jim Carrey. Weird, huh? There’s a point.

So, I got to the gym this morning knowing that all I can really do today is walk on the treadmill. I accidentally ran 18.2 miles yesterday (#whoopsie) so anything else would have been dumb.

ANYWAYS, I got to the gym…went up to the cardio cinema…and…lo and behold…fucking Bruce Almighty. I DESPISE JIM CARREY. I started to be a little cranky about it as I walked.

And then…a light from heaven…Morgan Freeman.

I love Morgan Freeman with the same ferocity that I hate Jim Carrey.

I got excited. And then he went away for a bit.

I still was happy. I knew he’d be back.

Which got me thinking.

Lately I’ve been doing this thing where, when I start to spiral about the things that hurt…I stop myself and remember the good things in my life. And I stop the spiral.

I start thinking about how stressed I am at work. I focus on how lucky I am that I actually love what I do and am supported at work by my boss. A lot of people have neither.

I start thinking about people that have left. I focus on how loved and supported I am by the ones who stay.

I start thinking about the things my health issues stop me from doing. I focus on the things I’m doing that they said I’d never do again.

It’s a fairly constant refocus. Let’s be real. If we allow it, the bad parts of our days do outnumber the moments that feel like a blessing. That’s just life. Adulting, as you will.

But those blessings…even if the moments are fewer…they DO outweigh the bad times. Quality over quantity. Every time.

So, thanks, Morgan. For the Godly Narrator Voice Reminder that today is going to be great because I’m going to focus on the moments that make the bad worthwhile.

Now, excuse me…Morgan Freeman is coming back on now.

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5 thoughts on “The Good

  1. I loved this blog ❤️ go you running 18 miles!!! Dayum. I’m lucky if I can walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes, I’m sooo unfit. I love that you’re being purposely mindful of the blessings in your life. It really does make a difference, doesn’t it? Xx

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  2. I had to read this post 4 times before I could get your point because I was (an am) baffled that anyone could have such a dislike for Jim Carrey. Granted, “Ace Ventura 2” isn’t his finest work, but “Dumb & Dumber” is comedic gold. (“Samsonite! I was way off!”)

    Also, I know a lot of his more popular work is “being a funny idiot in front of a camera” instead of “being a good actor,” but have you seen “A Series of Unfortunate Events”? I thought he was awesome in that.

    After getting past your preference in actors, I was curious how anyone accidentally runs 18 miles. Kudos to you for still being able to walk the next day. Wow. I’m getting tired just thinking about what it would take to run 18 miles.

    I had to refocus twice just to be able to focus on focusing. It’s apparently that kind of day.

    Thanks for the good reminder on focus. It’s been a rough year (and a long week, despite it being Monday morning still). I’ll focus on refocusing and viewing the bad in the overall grand scheme of things.

    And then I’ll focus on watching Dumb & Dumber again. Because Jim Carrey is hilarious, no matter what you say. 🤪

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    1. Ron, We see eye to eye on so many things…this was bound to come to pass. However, I figured it would be on something much less horrible. Like…you burn crosses in yards being preferable to liking Jim Carrey!!! My heart. It is broken. 😱 (KIDDING! OBVIOUSLY!)


      1. This whole blog has been an effort to draw me in, convince me you’re insightful with appropriate beliefs and convictions, and then just hit me over the head with this Jim Carrey thing. Strangers on the internet are so unbelievable sometimes. I’m happy to inform you that your scheme has failed!

        Fortunately, I believe that we’re all entitled to our opinions, even if they’re wrong (like you re: Jim Carrey). So I’ll still follow along and agree with you when you’re right and say nice things in comments. But I’ll be doing so with caution, because you’re not going to fool me twice.

        (Also, your next post should totally be on perspective and opinions and how you can be wrong about Jim Carrey while still having a point worth hearing.) 😂

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