It’s Ok

We all have them…those days when you wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”.

I’m having one today, so this message is for me as much as it’s for you.


It’s ok to be sad.

It’s ok to be scared.

It’s ok to feel temporary.

It’s ok to feel different.

It’s ok to feel lacking.

It’s ok to feel weak.


You know why? (Besides the fact that EVERYONE feels these things sometimes and because feelings are never a bad thing to have…)

If you never feel sad…you can’t appreciate joy.

If you never feel scared…you can’t relish your own bravery.

If you never feel temporary…you won’t appreciate the love and loyalty of those who make you feel permanent.

If you never feel different…you will never experience the joy of finding a kindred spirit.

If you never feel lacking…you will never see the day where you realize how beautifully whole you really are.

If you never feel weak…you’ll never understand that moment when you get to see how very strong you’ve been.

Feel it all.

Don’t deny any of it.

Every feeling has purpose.


Published by jazzhandsmom06

I'm just a girl in the world...that's all that you'll let me be.

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