Fucks: The Ultimate Finite Resource

I mean…I’d vote for me…

Today’s Random Thoughts By Sheri got…REALLY random.

So. In the field of Environmental Science, there is a phenomenon called The Tragedy of the Commons. (Not a joke. Look it up. But I do have a related story about how I’m surprised I passed this course in college AND my professor’s head didn’t explode.) ANYWAY. What is The Tragedy of Commons?

The Tragedy of the Commons refers to a situation in which individuals with access to a public resource (also called a common) act in their own interest and, in doing so, ultimately deplete the resource.

For example, everyone has access to water. During a drought, we are asked to use less so that there is enough for all. But, what happens? You have those couple of neighbors who think they can still was their car…water their lawn…waterboard their enemi…..um…you get the point. They don’t do it because they disbelieve that the resource is finite…they also don’t do it believing that the water will be completely gone. They do it believing that someone else will use less so its ok that they use more. In our inherent self involvement (it’s a thing…it’s ok…embrace it…it keeps us alive), we believe that it’s ok to use what we want of these resources because we’re using what WE need. And then…the finite resource is gone.

What the hell is the point of this, Sheri??

Well, it occurred to me. How many times have you said or heard, “I’m out of fucks.”, “I have no fucks left to give.”, or any such variation?

Hell, I hear or say it multiple times a day. Why?

Because fucks are a finite resource!

And, yet…The Tragedy of the Commons…everyone seems to believe that THEY should be a recipient of your fucks.

Some should be and earn it. Others deserve nothing more than one flying fuck and then they can go. But everyone wants them. “Give a fuck about this!” “You must give a fuck about that!” “How can you not give a fuck???”


We must stop giving too many fucks to one self involved person who sucks us dry! We must stop giving all of our fucks to every new cause that comes up!

Store your fucks! Use them only as needed!


Before your fucks are truly gone.

Thank you for coming to my ourfucksaredepleTED Talk.


*Jazz hands*

#VoteSheri2024 #SaveTheFucks

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2 thoughts on “Fucks: The Ultimate Finite Resource

  1. This is awesome. I’d stand and applaud if that wouldn’t be such a weird thing to do in my office on a Thursday morning.

    Also, I’ve been elected, and I can assure you 100% that you don’t want that job.

    Liked by 1 person

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