Repeat After Me: I Am NOT Government Cheese

Spoiler Alert: This is not a selfie.

Today’s random musing from my solitunes time: I treat myself like government cheese.

Ok, ‘splain, Sheri. Right? Ok. Here goes.

(Almost) Everybody likes cheese. We each have our favorites. Mine are mozzarella (ps it’s moozahrell…not MOTZARELLAH) and Swiss (it’s holy…aka God’s cheese, y’all!). Maybe you love cheddar…gouda…like it melted…like it cold…who knows. It’s cheese!!!

But…unless we’re drunk…we probably don’t choose government cheese. Unless…

We’re in hard times.

That’s what government cheese is really for…

…People going through hard times.

The hard times pass…

…The cheese gets fancier and prettier.

That’s how I treat myself. Like people can only choose me in hard times.

Need a friend because world is collapsing? CHEESE!

Need someone to show you love when you’re low? I AM YOUR CHEESE!!

Need anything…anything at all…when times are tough…I want to make your life a little…well…cheesier… (Come on, you had to know I’d go there… πŸ˜† )

But when times are better…I assume you don’t want me anymore. There’s better cheese out there for the good times.

You may not push away…you may still want the cheese I am…but I think without your welfare ticket…why pick me?

Here’s the thing. Maybe you never saw me as a big block of the best you could get at the time. To YOU I may be the one thing missing from you fondue feast. (Fondue is expensive, y’all! You ever been to Melting Pot?!?! Also…shout out to my nerd brethren…”Do you? Fondue?”)

You still want to dip yo….nope even I can’t go that gigigty in a blog. But you get the point.

YOU never saw me as government cheese, but I can’t imagine anyone wanting me unless I’m the last resort. As a friend…as a lover…as anything. If I don’t feel useful, well….I don’t feel useful.

So today I’m trying to make myself a promise.

Starting today, *I* am deciding. I. Am. Fondue

Do you fondue?

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I'm just a girl in the world...that's all that you'll let me be.

7 thoughts on “Repeat After Me: I Am NOT Government Cheese

  1. You’re Gouda. I completely disaBrie with your assessment. I Havarti any words to say. So get your Gorganzola opinions about *gasp* gov’ment cheese outta here. Caprese?

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  2. This really spoke to me – both as a huge fan of aged cheddar (or ANY cheddar to be fair) and as someone who also wants to be there for friends and family if they need me. You definitely strike me as one of the more fancy cheese and NOT “Government cheese” at all – not even in the hard times. You made me smile on a tough return to work so thank you. Keep it classy, keep it cheesy πŸ§€ πŸ˜‰ xx

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