Eff You, Garmin

First World Runner Problem: I got REAL mad at my Garmin today. Like BIG MAD.

No, it wasn’t broken.

No, the battery didn’t die.

No, it didn’t track my miles wrong.

It was just flat out mean to me.

*stomp foot brattily* *shut up, WordPress, brattily is a word if I say it’s a word*

I have been freaking THRILLED to get back to a normal level of activity. 2.5 months out between a broken leg and a heart condition…


But I couldn’t…and I didn’t…because I was a good girl.

But now I’m running short distances again. Testing the waters. Seeing what I can do. Making progress.

Or so I thought!!!

But look at this nice little message Garmin sent me after this morning’s run.


Apparently my run was unproductive. Not because I’m overtraining…but just because my “fitness is decreasing”.

BITCH… I am 42 years old… With a VO2 Max of 44 (which YOU say is that of a 20 year old)…am just getting back to my workouts after a broken leg and a heart condition…and you want to get onto me because my fitness level is decreasing? OF COURSE IT DECREASED!!!!!!! And I’m still way ahead of where I could be at my age.

What the hell do you want me to do?!?!

Yes…I’m ranting at a watch. But, it’s like being mad at your boyfriend that you love and trust in every aspect of your life…because he betrayed you and called you fat.

And for that I say…

/ Runner Rant

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