The Beauty Is In The Bloopers

In the days of social media, we live in a world where the majority of what we see is the highlight reels of people’s lives. We see the new babies. We see the job promotions. We see the happy couples, the filtered selfies and the beautiful homes. And we’re happy for our friends that they have these things.

All the while we’re judging ourselves in comparison…and we are finding ourselves lacking.

Our home isn’t as clean. Our kids are being jerks today (they all are at some point, just keepin’ it real…). Our job is driving us crazy. And have you SEEN the size of my zit (or my stomach)?!?!?! We can’t live up.

News Flash: Neither can they.

This is the highlight reel of social media. The varnish that makes things seem more…ready for human consumption.

But, in my opinion, the beauty of life isn’t in the highlight reels. The beauty is in the bloopers.

I’ve never heard anyone say, “Oh, thank goodness, so and so is as perfect as me. Now I feel like we can be friends.”

Think about your best friends and tell me if this resonates.

Do you EVER look at your best friends and think, “I’m so glad they’re perfect.”? Or do you look at them and all of you burst out laughing about jokes about how your hair is a mess, your kids won’t listen, and your last date/significant other made a completely numbskull comment?

I bet it’s the latter.

I bet those late night laughs are filled with stories of bloopers…of the stupid things you said…the way you fell off a curb while trying to walk in heels…the dumb parent moment you had.

I’ll go one further. If you’re like me, your VERY best friends became that way because you shared an imperfection. You have the same anxieties. You have the same fears. You understand each other’s traumas.

A lot of people think I share too much sometimes. But…I have more love in my life than any one person deserves. Why? Well, a lot of people tell me it’s because, in my ability to be vulnerable, I showed them that they can be safe and vulnerable and real, too.

Connections happen through shared experiences, imperfections, foibles and flaws.

That thing that makes you feel weird? That’s where you’ll meet your best friend.

That trait that makes you feel unlovable? That will be the trait that makes someone connect with you and love you.

Life isn’t pretty. Life isn’t perfect. Life isn’t a highlight reel. Life is full of bloopers and outtakes…but instead of hating them, we should love them for the joy and love those bloopers bring into our lives.

So…don’t just love your bloopers. Share your bloopers. Connect through the scenes you used to wish you could delete. Because, seriously…

The beauty is in the bloopers.

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I'm just a girl in the world...that's all that you'll let me be.

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